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Land Girl [userpic]
by Land Girl (land_girl)
at October 3rd, 2008 (06:29 pm)

My ex husband, who hasn't paid a penny in maintenance or anything else for 5 years, is sending my 16 year old daughter packets of tobacco in the post. Some parenting, eh?

Land Girl [userpic]
What I want to know ...
by Land Girl (land_girl)
at March 12th, 2008 (07:46 pm)

Is why can't they all be nice at once? Normally Ralph is an angel, and one or both of the girls is giving me grief. This week the girls are mostly being angelic and it is Ralph who is flexing his naughty muscles. I know from growing up in a family of four that there is usually only room for one to be in trouble at any one time, and that you have to take turns, but it would be so nice (for me) to have one completely peaceful day ...

Land Girl [userpic]
by Land Girl (land_girl)
at February 28th, 2008 (09:00 am)

Florence is at home, ill. This is the fourth cold/flu/virus she has had since New Year, and she has been mostly in bed since last Friday evening. She is still only four; she has been going to school full time since September, and she is, I think, absolutely shattered.

Leaving aside the parents' needs (for childcare, and to share the rearing process viz stimulation, sociability, etc.), is it really good for them to be in school full time? Should they have a day off or a morning off during the week like they do on the continent? Should our school structure allow for more flexibility for those who want it and think their children would benefit from some time at home?

I can think of all kinds of adult reasons why we wouldn't want to encourage a more flexible or part time approach to schooling. But is full time schooling really good for very young children?

My feelings about this may not be very mainstream. My mother was mostly home-schooled, even taking her A Levels at home in East Africa. I was home-schooled for a year of my childhood when I was ill, and even when I was better, my mother would regularly (once or twice a term) take us out of school, with permission, to take us to a gallery or do something interesting with us. As a governor I can see things from the school's point of view insomuch as schools are penalized if they don't meet attendance targets and it must make things difficult for the teachers' planning to have children spending regular time away from school. But I see how many of the young children come to school very tired or slightly unwell, and I wonder whether five days a week schooling is always in the best interests of our younger children.

VinaigretteGirl [userpic]
I saw the school and the school saw me
by VinaigretteGirl (vinaigrettegirl)
at November 8th, 2007 (04:29 pm)

and i really got the feeling that they didn't like me *at all*. I talked to the staff more than the person showing me around liked, for a start.

I may be over-reacting, here.
(No! Vinaigrette Girl NEVER over-reacts! She just has too much vinegar in the mix, quick, add oil! Or even mayonnaise! Emergency!)

Seriously, have any of you ever had that experience, and if so, how do you confirm it? i have a gut feeling about this place. And i am so often wrong.

Mock Duck [userpic]
by Mock Duck (mockduck)
at June 2nd, 2007 (03:54 pm)

I am sure this is a dense question, but that's nothing new for me when it comes to parenthood. How do other people clean their potties? And dry them? Do you keep a dedicated tea towel? Do you do it in the bath?

VinaigretteGirl [userpic]
TTMTTD illustrated
by VinaigretteGirl (vinaigrettegirl)
at March 18th, 2007 (08:26 pm)

I have kept most of Child's baby books; the idea was that he could eventually enjoy reading for himself familiar things he's heard 108,000 times. As he has a lot of books this doesn't mean he is bored.

Tonight we returned to the very fine Oliver Pig stories, illustrated by Arnold Lobel, which he was delighted by, again. They're great little stories and very amusingly accurate about the life of a three or four year old child.

The story about the day it snowed is excruciatingly true. And ver, very funny indeed.

Anyone needing a pick-me-up? Read these, soon.

VinaigretteGirl [userpic]
by VinaigretteGirl (vinaigrettegirl)
at March 15th, 2007 (01:43 pm)

1. What's your name?


2. Tell us something about yourself.

I am very opinionated but hate telling people things about myself, per se. Today I am jaundiced so some of these answers might change.

3. Tell us about your family.

Open to interpretation so I'll stick to the most immediate one... I am married - after a ten year engagement - to a Younger Man. We got married when Child - given name Timothy - was just over four years old. I am 49; Timmy has just turned six. It seems highly unlikely that he will have a sibling.

4. What do you enjoy most about being a mother?

Some of the same things which also drive me crazy, of course 8-D.

It's hard to describe; I'm delighted that I didn't end up trying to do, say, my doctorate and raising a child at the same time. I think it's the artistry of it all, the dance, the fluctuations of closeness and distance, the mindfulness required, and my son's sheer generosity of spirit, of life, which I enjoy most. Right now he's still loveydovey and cuddly, which is amazing. He is still very direct: "You have lovely breasts, Mummy".

5. What do you find hardest?

Losing my temper; still possessing a capacity for tuning into the wavelength of very severe post-natal depression I had for almost three years; and being part of a couple.

6. What do you know now that you wish someone had told you before you became a mother?

That - in the words of a 'comic' sign I saw in a shop in Minnesota about 40 years ago - "Things Take More Time Than They Do." That I would become a mobile bin. That breastfeeding would flaming well hurt, a lot, pretty much every time, and be a huge cause of anxiety. That other people would actively dislike me for taking trouble over my kid. That teachers would think I'm a total dimwit because I'm someone's mother. Oh, a lot of things.

7. If someone could wave a magic wand and give you one thing, what would it be?

Community of mind and spirit with my husband on the subject of raising Child. (I could learn more cheeriness from 'Im Indoors and he could learn more spiritual insight and practice from me.)

8. List three things you'd like me to include in the Interests list.

drawing; choral music; wtf goes *on* with males?

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